We’ve been invited by NY Comic Con to present a special show as part of their New York Super Week. Our contribution? A tribute to Wonder Woman, complete with costume contest and face-smashing dance party with DJ Accident Report. More details soon…

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It happened! Recently the Motion Picture and Television Fund received an official inquiry from a legit publisher interested in buying the rights to Elsa Lanchester Herself, the incredible out-of-print memoir of the Oscar-nominated character actress Elsa Lanchester (“The Bride of Frankenstein”).

We are still waiting for a response.

If ever there was a time to reach out to the MPTF and urge them to reprint, THIS. IS. THAT. TIME.

I’ve made a coloring page that you can print out, decorate, and mail to them. Feel free to jot down a note to the MPTF asking them to accept the offer. Send multiples! Get your friends to help! Let us bury them in Frankensteinian refrigerator art. If you send me a copy of your handiwork, I’ll repost it here.

That mailing address is:

Motion Picture & Television Fund
The Wasserman Campus
23388 Mulholland Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

You may also email them at:


Or even call them at:


Feel free to ask for Sharon Siefert’s office. She’s the VP of Legal Affairs, she’s the one who received the publisher request. Let her assistant know why you’re calling and ask whether they intend to reprint. (No need for rudeness, we want them to see it our way.)

Thank you for following along over the last year. We are so agonizingly close to getting Elsa’s story back on bookshelves. Let’s give it one more push!

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Sable Night, mother of Dread and Fear,
Upon the world dim darkness doth display,
And in her vaulty prison stows the Day.

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This just turned up in my feed, glad to see it’s still tumblin’ around out there after all these months…

This just turned up in my feed, glad to see it’s still tumblin’ around out there after all these months…

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Shelley Duvall, Janice Rule, Sissy Spacek - 3 Women - directed by Robert Altman

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